July 2017: Stripe Rust Genes and QTL

A summary map of known stripe rust genes and QTL from the Maccaferri et al. (2015) genome-wide association study of stripe rust resistance in a diverse collection of hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is now available in the GrainGenes CMap viewer.
The locations of 56 named Yr genes and 169 previously mapped QTL, plus the 10 experiment-wise significant QTL identified in this study were projected onto a common integrated map. Markers and locations from the hexaploid wheat 9K and 90K SNP consensus maps, the tetraploid wheat 90K SNP consensus map, the Synthetic x Opata DH GBS map, the Diversity Array Technology integrated map, the 2004 SSR consensus map, and the Synthetic x Opata ITMI BARC SSR map were used to create this map. Locations are approximate - Distances in cM were converted into relative % length distances by dividing them by total chromosome length.

For more information on the study and to view the maps, see the Map Data Report page and Reference Report page.

Another version of this map is available at the UC Davis MASWheat website here.