June 2017: Wheat Landrace Consensus Map

The Wheat Landrace Consensus Map from the 2017 study by Wingen et al. has been added to GrainGenes. The landrace consensus map was constructed from a NAM panel of crosses between a reference variety, the spring bread wheat cultivar 'Paragon' , and 60 bread wheat landraces or cultivars. Single seed descendants from a landrace accession from the A.E. Watkins collection (Wingen et al. 2014) was used for 55 of the populations, and an additional five populations were developed with the varieties 'Pamyati-Azieva', 'Chinese Spring', 'Garcia', 'SS7010073' and 'Glasgow'.
The map (available here) contains 21 linkage groups corresponding to the chromosomes of hexaploid wheat and includes over 2,400 genetic loci.