The 8th International Oat Conference was held June 28th - July 2nd, 2008 in Minneapolis, MN.

A few notes about talks and posters presented at the conference.

The slide presentations and posters given at the Conference may be viewed below by clicking on the highlighted links (as numbers, titles, or names) where present. Please note that many of the slide and poster presentations contain unpublished data. Therefore the data as well as the slides themselves remain the intellectual property of the authors, and MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM without the author's permission. Some of the files may be quite large so be prepared for a wait in some cases. If you have problems in downloading or viewing the files and wish some assistance, please contact Mark Hughs (



7:00-9:30 PM: Welcome Reception

---SUNDAY, JUNE 29---

7:00-8:00 AM: Breakfast sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company

8:25 AM

Session I: Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives : Dean Al Levine, Chair

8:30 AM: Opening, Welcomes, and Kick-Off Presentation

- Deon Stuthman, Chair Organizing Committee
- Jane Leonard, Minnesota Sesqui Centennial Committee
- James W. Anderson, University of Kentucky, beta-glucan story
- Al Levine, discussant
- Surprise testimonial video

10:00-10:20 AM: Break sponsored by General Mills

10:30-11:30 AM: Panel on the Future of Oat Research : Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio, Finland, moderator

11:30-12 Noon: Henry J. Thompson, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Biomedical Agriculture: A New Approach to Developing Human Health Optimized Staple Food Crops"

Noon-1:00 PM: Buffet Lunch

1:10 PM

Session II. Cereal Science, Whole Grain Foods and Processing : Gary Fulcher, Canada, Chair

1:15 PM: Mohsen Meydani, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Anti-inflammatory and Antiatherosclerotic Properties of Oats Avenanthramides"

2:00 PM: Scott Dumler, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Enhanced Function & Health with High Fiber Brans"

2:35 PM: Brian Rossnagel, Canada
[ABSTRACT] "Breeding Oat for Human Health"

3:15 PM: Break sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company

3:45 PM: Mitchell L. Wise*, USA, Eric Jackson, and Douglas Doehlert
[ABSTRACT] "Factors Effecting Phytonutrient Biosynthesis in Oat"

4:20 PM: Eric Jackson, USA
"Factors Effecting Phytonutrient Biosynthesis in Oat" (continued)

4:35 PM: Martin Zarnkow*, Germany, Alicia Munoz, Felix Burberg, Werner Back, Elke K. Arendt, and Martina Gastl
[ABSTRACT] "The Use of Response Surface Methodology to Optimize Malting Conditions of Oat (Avena sativa L.) as a Raw Material for Alternate Fermented Beverages with High Content of β-Glucan"

7:00-10:00 PM: Dessert reception and evening poster session.

---MONDAY, JUNE 30---

7:00-8:00 AM: Breakfast sponsored by Riverland Ag

7:45 AM: Buses board for Grain Exchange Tour at Hotel entrance

8:15-10:00 AM: Molecular Marker Forum, Howard Rines, USA, Chair
Brief overviews of marker-associated activities at locations:
Adrian Cabral University of Sydney, Australia
Zongwen Zhang Biodiversity Intl. Office, Beijing, China
Antonio de Oliveira Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
Taye Zegeye Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Winnipeg, Canada
Peter Eckstein Cereal Development Center, Saskatoon, Canada
Steve Molnar Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Peter Maloney North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC, USA
Joe Anderson USDA-ARS & Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, USA
Eric Jackson USDA-ARS, Aberdeen, ID, USA
Gerard Lazo USDA-ARS, Albany, CA, USA
Andreas Katsiotis Univ. of Athens, Greece
Catherine Howarth IBERS, Aberystwyth, UK
Olof Olsson Goteborg Univ. & Crop TailorAB, Sweden

Olof Olsson "Oat TILLING project"

10:00 AM-5:15 PM: Vendors’ exhibits and corporate/country product display

10:00 AM-10:20 AM: Break sponsored by General Mills

10:25 AM

Session III. Industry/consumer perspective and non-food/feed products : Rick Schwein, USA, Chair

10:30 AM: Chris Green, United Kingdom
[ABSTRACT] "What Do We Learn From Goldilocks About Adding Value?"

11:00 AM: Richard Lewis*, Foster Wheeler, Minneapolis, and Mike Nagel, Energy Management, University of Minnesota
"Oat Hulls as Biofuels"

11:30 AM: William Collins, Canada
[ABSTRACT] "Purification, Analysis, and Structures of Avenanthramides from Oats: Unique Components for Targeted Nutraceutical Applications

12:00 Noon: Buffet Lunch

1:10 PM

Session IV. Physiology, Ecology, and Production : Gustavo Slafer, Spain, Chair


1:20 PM: Ari Rajala* and Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio, Finland
[ABSTRACT] "Floret Development and Grain Characteristics for Determining Yield Potential in Oat"

2:00 PM: Daniel Calderini, Chile
[ABSTRACT] "Physiological Determination of Oats Yield: Thoughts on Promissory Traits for Further Genetic Gains"

2:40 PM: Carmen Fernholz, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Oats as a Staple in a Full Dimension Organic System Crop Rotation"

3:30 PM: Break sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company

4:10 PM: Mark Seeley, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Oat Performance Under Future Environmental Scenarios"

6:30-9:30 PM: Mill City Museum

7:30 PM: Buffet dinner sponsored by General Mills

8:30 PM: Joanne Slavin, Food Scientist, University of Minnesota

(Before dinner and after J. Slavin’s presentation, visit the Museum’s movie and elevator tours.)


7:00-8:00 AM: Breakfast sponsored by 21st Century Grain Processing

8:15 AM

Session V: Effective Pest Management, Mike Bonman, USA, Chair

8:20 AM: Päivi Parikka*, Finland, Veli Hietaniemi, Sari Rämö and Heikki Jalli
[ABSTRACT] "Fusarium Infection and Mycotoxin Contents of Oats under Different Tillage Treatments"

8:35 AM: Åsmund Bjørnstad* and Helge Skinnes, Norway
[ABSTRACT] "Resistance to Fusarium Infection in Oat (Avena sativa L.)"

8:50 AM: Marcelo Pacheco, Brazil (for José Antônio Martinelli)
[ABSTRACT] "Occurrence of Fusarium Head Blight on Oats in Brazil and Evaluation of Damages"

9:00 AM: Marcelo Pacheco*, Brazil, Marty L. Carson, Eric W. Jackson, James Chong
[ABSTRACT] Partial Resistance to Crown Rust : Identification, Utilization and Genetics"

10:00-10:20 AM: Break sponsored by General Mills

10:30 AM: Les Szabo, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Rust Pathogen Genomics and the Potential Impact on Crop Management"

11:00 AM: Joe Anderson, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Virus Detection and Crop Management"

11:30 AM: Steve Shirtliffe, Canada
[ABSTRACT] "Weed Management in Oats Under Conventional and Organic Production Systems"

12 Noon-1:00 PM: Buffet Lunch

1:10 PM

Session VI. Plant Breeding Germplasm Utilization and Cereal Genomics, Pam Zwer, Australia, Chair

1:15 PM: Frederic L. Kolb*, USA and Jean-Luc Jannink
[ABSTRACT] "Increasing Grain Yield and Improving BYDV Tolerance in Oat: Past, Present and Future"

1:50 PM: Gary J. Muehlbauer, USA
[ABSTRACT] "The Barley Coordinated Agricultural Project: Mapping Genotype to Phenotype"

2:10 PM: James A. Anderson, USA
[ABSTRACT] "WheatCAP: Bringing Genomics to the Wheat Fields"

2:30 PM: Mark E. Sorrells, USA
[ABSTRACT] "Tools Needed for Oat Genomic Research"

3:00 PM: Break sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company

3:30 PM: Nick Tinker*, Canada, Eric Jackson, Eric Jellen, Howard Rines, et al.
[ABSTRACT] "Community Progress Toward an Integrated Toolbox and Consensus Map for Oat"

4:00 PM: Eric Jellen, USA
Community Progress Toward an Integrated Toolbox and Consensus Map for Oat" (continued)

4:30 PM: Christoph U. Germeier*, Germany, Axel Diederichsen, Brigitte Laliberté
[ABSTRACT] "Status of the World Avena Ex-Situ Collections : Towards a Global Conservation Strategy"

4:45 PM: Axel Diederichsen* (Canada) and C.U. Germeier
[ABSTRACT] "Trends in Conservation and Utilization of Oat Genetic Resources"

7:00-9:30 PM: Mississippi River Cruise

Buffet dinner sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company


7:00-8:00 AM: Breakfast sponsored by Grain Millers, Inc.

8:10-9:50 AM: IOC Business Meeting, Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio, Finland, Chair

10:30 AM: Break sponsored by Grain Millers Inc. at St. Paul Campus

11:00 AM: Buckthorn Nursery Naming Ceremony, St. Paul Campus

12:00 Noon: Box lunch from Trotters Café sponsored by Grain Millers Inc.

1:15 PM: Field tours, return to Buckthorn area for IOC Demo plots, then proceed to UMN plots north of Larpenteur Avenue.

Lab tours begin in the Cargill Building, then proceed to Plant Containment Facilities, then the USDA Cereal Disease Lab, and finish in Food Science.

7:00-9:00 PM: Small Group meeting, Global Oat Genetic Diversity, Christoph Germeier, Chair

IOC Posters

Session II. Cereal Science, Whole Grain Foods and Processing

Poster# with abstract link


Poster Title with poster link (if available)


Cowan, Alexander , Brian Middleton, Dilwyn Jones and John Valentine

Development of High Oil Winter and Spring Naked Oats and Release of Cultivar Racoon


Cowan, Alexander, Brian Middleton, Dilwyn Jones, John Valentine, and Sue Lister

Use and Development of NIR Spectroscopy for Quality Assessment on Oats


Hu, Xinzhong, and Changzhong Ren

Relationship between Lipase Activity and Oats Kernel Physical Characters


Hubner, F., E.K. Huttner, and E.K. Arendt

Influence of Germination Conditions on the Quality of Oat Malt


Huttner, E.K., F. Dal Bello, K. Poutanen, L. Flander, E.K. Arendt

Effect of High-Pressure Treatment on Oat Batters


Kaukovirta-Norja, Anu, Olavi Myllymäki, Juha-Matti Pihlava, Veli Hietaniemi, Pekka Lehtinen, and Kaisa Poutanen

Development of Functional Oat Ingredients for Health Food Market


Klose, C., B.D. Schehl, E.D. Huttner, and E.K. Arendt

Protein Changes During Malting of Oats


Lengauer, Karl and Elisabeth Zechner

Traditional Austrian Bread and Rolls with New Oat Variety "Efesos"


Moore, M.M., H.H. Wijngaard, S. Renzetti, J.A. Delcour, C.M. Courtin, E.K. Huttner, and E.K. Arendt

Assessment of the Suitability of a Range of Gluten-Free Cereals for Their Potential Use in Gluten-Free Bread


Nedomova, Lenka, Peter Hozlar, Daniela Dvoncova, Ivana Polisenska

Grain Quality Characteristics in Oats Under Conditions of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic


Pisulewska, Elżbieta, Florian Gambuś, Andrzej Lepiarczyk, Robert Witkowicz

The Yield and Chemical Composition of Black-Husked and Yellow-Husked Forms of Oats


Zwer, Pamela, Robert Asenstorfer, Michelle Lorimer, Michelle Williams, Sue Hoppo, and Peter McCormack

Genotype and Environment Influence on the Concentration of Avenanthramides in Australian Oat Varieties

Session III. Industry/Consumer Perspective and Non-Food/Feed Products


Cowan, Alexander, Dave Davies, Dave Leemans, Athole Marshall and John Valentine

Can We Breed Feed Oats Which Lower Methane Production by Ruminants?


Winter, B., and R. Uebergang

Developing Superior Forage Oat Cultivars for Subtropical Australia


Winter, B., G. Fox and R. Uebergang

Characterization of Forage Oat Cultivars for Forage Quality

Session IV. Physiology, Ecology, and Production


Chakroun, M., M.B. Allagui, S. Ben Youssef, I. Hemmami, H. Soltani, and S. Haffani

Improving Productivity of Oats as Priority Forage Species in Tunisia


Cossani, C.M., R. Savin, and C.A. Slafer

Do Cereals Differ in Grain Weight Stability?


Dumlupinar, Ziya, Rukiye Kara, Tevrican Dokuyucu and Aydın Akkaya

Correlation and Path Analyses of Grain Yield and Yield

Components of Some Turkish Oat Genotypes


Frégeau-Reid, Judith, Weikai Yan, Jennifer Mitchell Fetch, Denis Pageau, Richard Martin, Julie Lajeunesse, Dorothy Sibbitt, Brad de Haan, Allan Cummiskey, John Rowsell, Peter Scott, Mark Etienne, Ellen Sparry, Julie Durand, and Cécile Tétreault

Number of Locations and Replications for Determining Oat Yield and Quality Traits in Canada


Griffiths, Irene, Glyn Jenkins, Alexander Cowan and Catherine Howarth

Dissecting the Components of Yield in Oats


Lanoie, N., J. Collin, J. Frégeau-Reid, D. Pageau, J. Lajeunesse, J. Durand, A. Vanasse

Environment and Herbicides Effects on the Quantity of Covered Grains in Naked Oat


Lanoie, N., J. Collin, J. Frégeau-Reid, D. Pageau, J. Lajeunesse, J. Durand, A. Vanasse

Environment and Herbicides Effects on Oil Content and Fatty Acid Composition in Naked Oat


Loskutov, Igor G.

Strength and Weakness of Covered and Naked Oat:

Approaches and Perspectives


Malik, R.S. and B.H. Paynter

Agronomic Performance and Quality of Dwarf Milling Oats in Western Australian Environments


May, W.E., C.H. Holzapfel and G.P. Lafond

Management Practices Change the Responsiveness of Oats to Nitrogen Fertilizer


McDevitt, James E.

Life Cycle Assessment for Plant Breeding: An Example Using Porridge Oats


Saidi N. and C. Al Faiz

Performance of the Quaker International Oat Nurseries Under Moroccan Ecological Conditions


Winter, B. and R. Uebergang

Tolerance of Forage Oat Cultivars to High Soil Temperatures at Planting

Session V. Effective Pest (Pathogen, Insect, Weeds) Management


Acevedo, M., E. Jackson, J. Chong, H.W. Rines, Stephen A. Harrison, A. Bateman, J.M. Bonman

Evaluation of Partial Resistance to Crown Rust of Oat Conferred by MN841801-1 in Two Recombinant Inbred Populations


Carson, M.L. and H.W. Rines

Avena barbata, A Potential Source of New Crown Rust Resistance in Oat


Gavrilova O., T. Gagkaeva, A. Burkin, G. Kononenko, I. Loskutov

Susceptibility of Oat Germplasm to Fusarium Infection and Mycotoxin Accumulation in Grains


Hietaniemi, Veli , Sari Rämö, Tauno Koivisto, Mirja Kartio and Sari Peltonen

Fusarium Toxins in Oats in Finland Since 1999


Mitchell Fetch, J. W., A. Tekauz, B.G. Rossnagel, and M. E. Savard

Fusarium Head Blight of Oat: Identifying Resistant Oat Breeding Lines at AAFC-CRC


Parikka, Päivi, Veli Hietaniemi, Sari Rämö and Heikki Jalli

Fusarium langsethiae Infection and Mycotoxin Contents of Oats


Polisenska, Ivana, Lenka Nedomova, Ludvik Tvaruzek

Fusarium Mycotoxins in Oat Varieties


Rines, Howard W., Hedera L. Porter, and Martin L. Carson

Suppressors of Oat Crown Rust Resistance in Interspecific Oat Crosses


Stuthman, D.D., N. Formento , E.J. Jackson, M.L. Carson, A. McElroy, E. Di Nucci

A "Pan-American" Approach to Durable Crown Rust Resistance


Yan, Weikai, Judith Frégeau Reid, Sylvie Rioux, Lily Tamburic-Ilincic, Richard Martin, Denis Pageau, Julie Lajeunesse, Brad de Haan, Marc Savard and Allen Xue

Current Status of Oat FHB in Eastern Canada


Zechner, Elisabeth

Effects of Harrowing to Organically Cultivated Oat Varieties in Austria


Zegeye, T., D. Somers, T. Fetch and L. Lamari.

Identification of an AFLP Molecular Marker for Oat Stem Rust Resistance in the Diploid Avena strigosa

Session VI. Plant Breeding, Germplasm Utilization and Cereal Genomics


Beattie, Aaron D., Peter E. Eckstein, Tom Zatorski, Graham J. Scoles, Brian G. Rossnagel

An Oat (Avena sativa L.) cDNA Library Derived from Three Seed Development Stages


Bräutigam, Marcus, Aakash Chawade, Rickard Jonsson, Per Sikora and Olof Olsson

Development of a Scandinavian Winter Oat by Molecular Breeding


Cabral, A.L., H. Karaoglu, and Park, R.F.

SSR Variability in Wild Oat Accessions of Avena strigosa and A. barbata


Chawade, Aakash, Per Sikora, Marcus Bräutigam, and Olof Olsson

Development of Low-Lignin Oat


Chawade, Aakash, Per Sikora, Montedar All Nakash, Marcus Bräutigam, Tingsu Chen and Olof Olsson

Development and Characterization of a Tilling Population in Oat


da Maia, Luciano Carlos, Fernando Irajá Félix de Carvalho and Antonio Costa de Oliveira

A Survey on Microsatellite Loci in Oat-ESTs


Diederichsen, Axel

Two Methods for Duplication Assessments within Nordic Oat Accessions at the Canadian National Genebank


Eckstein, Peter, Aaron Beattie, Brian Rossnagel, and Graham Scoles

Genic Microsatellite Markers From Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) of Developing Oat Seed


Eckstein, Peter, Brain Rossnagel, and Graham Scoles

DArTs Without the DArT Board: The Application of Individual DArT Markers to Marker-Assisted Selection


Haffani Ksontini, S. and M. Chakroun

Morphological Evaluation of Selected Oat Species from Tunisia and Morocco


Howarth, Catherine , Alexander Cowan, Mike Leggett and Tim Langdon

The Use of Genetic Mapping to Access and Understand Valuable Traits in Wild Relatives of the Cultivated Oat


Howarth, Catherine, Alexander Cowan, John Valentine and Tim Langdon

Development of Markers Associated with Traits of Agronomic Importance in Winter Oats


Jackson, Eric, J. Anderson, D. Obert, G. Hu, and M. Bonman

Expansion of Oat-Based Microsatellite Resources Using Both Direct and Indirect Strategies


Katsiotis,A., N. Nikoloudakis and A. Drossou

Molecular Diversity and Phylogenetic Relationships in the Genus Avena


Lazo, Gerard R., David E. Matthews, Victoria C. Blake, David L. Hane, John P. Lee, and Olin D. Anderson

Getting Your Fill Of Fiber Within The GrainGenes Resource


Loskutov, I.G.

Results of Oat Breeding in Russia


Maloney, P., J. Lyerly, D. Wooten, J. M. Anderson, D. Livingston III, G. Brown-Guedira, D. Marshall, and J. P. Murphy

Additional Markers Added to the Fulghum/Norline Genetic Map and QTL Scan for Winter Hardiness Traits in Avena sativa


Mitchell Fetch, J. W. and T.F. Townley-Smith

Skeletons in the Oat Closet; From Joanette to Jordan


Molnar, Stephen J. , Julie Chapados, Bonnie Bancroft and Solomon Kibite

Locating the Dw6 Dwarfing Locus Using Nils


Molnar, Stephen J. and Winson Orr

SCAR and CAPS Molecular Markers Linked to Quality Traits in Oat


Nava, Itamar C., Charlene P. Wight, Luiz C. Federizzi, Nicholas A. Tinker

Molecular Characterization of Factors Affecting Flowering Time in Hexaploid Oat


Nedomova, Lenka

Breeding Progress in Oat Cultivars of the Czech and Czechoslovak Origin, Assessment of their Similarity


Nikoloudakis N. and A. Katsiotis

Genomic Interactions Among Avena Interspecific Hybrids and Species


Ren, Chang-zhong, Yue-gao Hu, Lai-chun Guo, and Xin-zhong Hu

Current Status and Development Trends of Chinese Oat

Breeding and Cultivation


Sheidai, Masoud

Cytogenetic and Morphological Diversity of the Genus Avena L. in Iran


Shelukhina, O. Yu, E.D. Badaeva, I.G. Loskutov, V.A. Pukhalsky

Study of Genus Avena L. with In Situ Hybridization with 5S and 45S rDNA Probes


Sikora, Per, Aakash Chawade, Marcus Bräutigam and Olof Olsson

Identification of ß-Glucan Biosynthesis Mutants in Oat


Tanhuanpää, Pirjo, Elina Kiviharju, Outi Manninen, Alan Schulman, Ruslan Kalendar, Merja Eurola, Veli Hietaniemi, Marja Jalli and Leena Pietilä

QTLs Associated with Breeding Characteristics in Oat DH Mapping Population


Wight, Charlene P., Weikai Yan, Jitka K. Deyl, and Nicholas A. Tinker

Multiple Alleles with Multiple Applications: A New Set of SSR and Avenin DNA Markers for Oat


Zhang, Zongwen, Enlai Zhang, Bin Wu, Tianyu Wang, Yu Li

Core Collection Development and Validation of Chinese Oat Germplasm

* Submitted abstract but not able to attend Conference.