Indian Pipes, Ithaca NY


Indian Pipes, Monotropa uniflora L., at 55 Burdick Hill Rd, Ithaca NY, USA

There were many. In the same spots that are coming now (14 July 2007). The 2007 crop is substantially more abundant already.

There were a few small groups and singles but only one cluster of more than three, pictured.

As of now, 7 July, there are ca. ten clusters of a dozen or more. And two with more than twenty!, clusters St.Helens and Grande. The first emerging nubbins were spotted in early June, cluster Premiere. Cluster Annee06 is so named because it's in the same place as the main 2006 cluster.

"Time-lapse" photos   Sequences of development of each cluster.

The environment
Mature forest in upstate New York, situated between two small gorges. Maple, oak, pine, hickory, other. Trillium, trout lily, may apple, bloodroot, solomon's seal (both), wild strawberry, cinquefoil, grasses, moss, mushrooms. Being threatened by garlic mustard. The total area containing Indian Pipes is ca. 30 meters square, in a 100x larger area of similar vegetation.

The Rouge area is at the northwest, downhill corner of the overall area of Indian Pipes, and the Overview area is at the opposite corner.

Photos by Dave Matthews. Unrestricted rights granted on request.